Increase productivity by decluttering your desk

So today I had a chance to visit someone’s office for an job opportunity. The first thing I noticed is…. her desk is very cluttered! It was very distracting to me 😛

There is stacks and stacks of documents on her front desk. The side desk is filled with personal stuffs such as photo albums, pills etc. The back table was full of document and files stack!

At the end of the interview, she asked if I have any question. I really wanted to tell her that she should start decluttering her desk. But then it probably won’t be very appropriate so I kept my mouth shut!

Last year when I started my minimalism, I started decluttering my desk first. It is still not in the desire stage yet as I am still sourcing for a new desk. But it was a huge change. Then I went on to declutter my office’s desk at the beginning of this year.

The first thing I noticed was… it increased productivity! Having too many things means that you have to spend time looking for things. Therefore, you wasted time looking! If you do not have so much stuffs, you can easily find what you want and you know where things are kept. After losing some stationaries, I started using the ones that I kept – e.g. notebook. I wasn’t able to use them previously because things are in a mess. I didn’t know where things were. By using notebook and pens that I have kept, I was able to think, write and get things done. For the whole of last year, I keep thinking why I wasn’t able to think and write properly. I feel like I keep having writer’s block every single day. I blamed the set-up of my desk (against the wall) and keep thinking of ways to organise my room. I set up an additional table in the middle of the room facing the window. I thought the bright sun will unblock my brain. But I am still blocked. And amazingly, I never have a problem ever since I started decluttering 🙂 I was able to think and write so smoothly. I think the stuffs mess that pile up my room somehow blocked my creatively. It might seems no relation at all and I couldn’t really explain the rationale behind this. But it really did help after I clear them! So start clearing your desk…… now!



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