I am still very un-passionate about de-cluttering, doing tasks since I am STILL not getting my planner so I am going to write about something else!

Everyone have one or more fears! Sometimes I feel like I have much more than people. So I often think I am a weirdo!

1) Escalator – This is my most biggest fear at the moment. It is not actually a stupid fear that I made up. People all around the world has it and it has a proper name called “Escalaphobia”. I had it when I was small. I remembered either my dad or mum had to take me to use the stair as I refused to use the escalator. It went away and came back a few years ago. Then it went away and it came back last year or so. I had no problem going up but I am slow. Most people who I met have been patience with me. But once in a while, I met someone who knocked against me due to impatience! I have some problem coming down. I avoided all escalators at train stations. But the shopping malls ones are ok as they are usually slower! Only a few close friends and family know about it. Sometimes I just tell people (who I don’t really know) that I wanted to walk the stairs and exercise. It is weird but people get it. Why do I keep it a secret? I guess I am too lazy to explain and people might not understand? Anyway our train stations are built in such a way that stairs and lifts are pretty much at every train station. Thank you for that! But in other cities, this seems not to be the case. I had trouble at Hong Kong and Sydney. But then maybe I was just unfamiliar with the train stations. This should not be my reason for not traveling and yes, I am hoping to overcome this soon! Scared of falling down is often associated with Escalaphobia. Although I am not too sure if this is the root cause, but I think I have such fear?

2) Height – It is again an common fear. I discovered such fear when I was doing some trekking in Australia. Basically I signed up for a trekking tour by mistake and it was a torture to walk through it. I am fine with walking on a normal route but it was the slope that I am really scared of! Maybe I should have started from something light.

3) Animals and insects – Most people laughed at this 🙂 Many often mistaken my special dietary (vegetarian) is associated with my special love for animals. But I was very guilty to tell them it is not really so! I do like animals and think it’s very cruel to kill them for food. However I am not really a big lover that I kept a pet or so. Well, true is I fear most animals – cats, dogs, rabbits, birds…anything furry I guess.  I often tell people I only like Fish cos they don’t bite (?) 😀 

4) Stranded in foreign land without money – It did happened once. A few years ago, I went to Hong Kong with a friend who I barely knew. We have some kind of disagreement and I went back to the hotel cos I ran out of money. It was a tough night as I didn’t have much cash with me. So I can only had bread. Luckily the bread was cheap. So from that day onwards, whenever I go overseas, I changed much much more extra!

5) Running out of money – Well, I was a shopaholic about 10 years ago. I…. was just so into buying things online and I didn’t work. So I didn’t know how to budget my savings etc. So I ended up spending every cents. It was really a big mistake. From that day onwards, I tried to control my spending and for this year, I am working really hard to save even more!

6) Losing someone that I know – Well, I guess this is a fear everyone have 🙂


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