Thank you for making my life so miserable!

I hate it when at the moment, you were soooo happy about something and the next moment (or next day or so!), someone just spoil your happiness.

What happened was I won something from a contest on a social media site. Then due to shipping problem (I will skip all the boring details. But in short, the Chinese Media company who organised that contest is UNWILLING to ship INTERNATIONALLY) and yes, thank you for that!

Anyway this isn’t really fair that they don’t want to fulfil the prize due to shipping. Because they didn’t say it is only a local contest in their T&C.  Honestly the company is so naive to think only the local people will participant. Hello are they living in the 90s??? All right, I wasn’t really up for a lengthy argument. So I decided to use money out of my own pocket in order to get this to me. So I told them I WILL PAY FOR THE COURIER. I mean there are so many courier who will ship to Singapore and letting the receiver pay is definitely one of the options. I must admit I really want the “prize” so the value really doesn’t really matter. I randomly gave them a name of a China-based courier who can help to ship stuffs to Singapore. It sounds so perfect. Of course it’s not! Which is why I am so damn pissed.

The damn company is unwilling to accommodate to my request. They could only say sorry. Sorry for what? I do not know. I tried to ask them THREE times. But all they could tell me is sorry. Sure they might have their own damn reasons for not willing to accommodate to my request. Some strange company policy maybe? But obviously they are unwilling to share.  I have a friend who told me maybe they are too busy so they couldn’t get this to the courier company. Courier company all over the world works the same way. All you have to do is to call and they will pick up FROM YOUR LOCATION. Also if you are unwilling to find time to fulfil prize to your winners. Why bother holding the contest. Obviously they didn’t bother to call the courier company cos they get back to me really fast in like spilt second. And they still have the cheek to ask me to join in another contest next time. Of cos I replied I won’t. Out of anger, I blocked the company on my account. Honestly who hire this guy to work for them? Anyway, being a Singaporean, I likes to complain a lot. I do admit this. I am going to draft an letter and send it to their company soon. I honestly don’t really care (at this point of time) about the prize anymore. Rather it is the attitude of their staff make me very pissed.



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