My favourite quote

My favourite quote has to be “Whatever happened, happened” from my all time favourite TV show, Lost.
I even engrave this at the back of my iPod Nano!

It is not really much on that particular episode although I did enjoy that episode very much 🙂 But rather, it is the meaning behind this. This is a simple quote yet it is so meaningful!

I am a person who kinda like to dwell on things that has happened. Sometimes, it took me a little while to forget. Sometimes it takes me a much longer time. And like everyone else, there are some memories which I dwelled on for a long time. So this quote is really like the best quote for me. It is a reminder for me each time I tries to dwell on things. Since it has happened, there is  like really nothing I can do about it. So I might as well move on!

This is especially important for me at this moment as I have spend 2 days dwelling on something. :/

My mum was sharing just now that her mother (my grandmother) likes to talk about things that happened in the past that makes her really angry and sad. She told her to forget it and move on. But my grandmother say she can’t seem to be happy. It is just so sad thinking about it. Unfortunately, I think my grandmother never really have a good life 😦 I am not going into details but I could feel that she is a very sad person who doesn’t have the opportunity to enjoy life. I just somehow could feel it. I wish that I could help her in a way perhaps by sharing this quote. But unfortunately, I don’t get to see her much and we are not really close. It doesn’t help that I am not good at talking… Sigh.

Well, anyway I think life is really about enjoying it. Why dwell on the past when everything has happened. We can’t change the past and create a better present. And the future is always unknown. So let’s enjoy while we can!

* Btw my best way of NOT dwelling on things that has happened is…. by writing/blogging it down! It really helps me to put my mind to a rest. 


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