Pens Review #1

So recently, I got a-bit overboard with pens 🙂 I love pens. They are so great and useful for brainstorming. Although people do everything with their phone, but I am still old school. I like writing using pens as I could really think. I had a habit for a short while – I wrote down my thoughts during lunch. Unfortunately my habit dies down but I am thinking of doing it again soon! As compare to buying clothes, I feel so not guilty on splurging on pens. But then of course I know, I got to STOP buying pens at this point of time! Talking about pens, I never really care about the pens I am using. I just simply buy anything from my local stationary shop… But recently, after a mass throw-out of pens (dried out due to non-usage), I decided to explore a few brands and see which are the good ones! So I went to amazon and look around for beautiful pens that aren’t available at my local store. The ones in my local stationary shops are probably Zebra, Pilot, Stabilo, Uniball, Staedtler and occasionally, BIC. 
Anyway I decided to write a mini “review” on some pens that I had, found locally or purchased online. I am of course not a pen expert!

OMG. I love this pen. I bought this cos I am missing a purple in my collection. Originally I thought this is the same as what I had at home. But this writes better. It’s much lighter and like the name suggested, its finer!

This is the original one I had at home. I bought a set and my friend gave me one set. So I have like 2 of each colours (10). Oops! This pen is great for my planner (Im using the printout now as my actual planner has not arrived!). I did a-bit of drawing last week with this pen. It works great too! In 2015, I am hoping to pick up a-bit of drawing skill and of course I am very much hoping to write diligently in my planner.

I was so excited to see this! I never seen a pink nice pen! HA! Okay, maybe I didn’t really notice. Being Parker, it is smooth and writes really well. And…I checked the packaging before throwing it away…It is Made in France! Its refillable too. I am not so thrilled about using blue ink. So I am going to write a lot with this in the next few weeks and get a black refill 😀

Pen that sounds so french 🙂 I love it! HAHA! I never seen this pen anywhere! So I was like I have to buy no matter what. It was so hard to get on amazon as majority of the listing are sold by third party seller. I am not a fan of third party seller as I cannot get free shipping 😮 But I found a 10-pack that was sold through Amazon. I obviously bought the last set as it is now sold out! Anyway these pens are smaller than my other pens. So I am not really a huge fan of the size. But still it is a very nice pen. Btw It is Made in Japan. Not France!

It seems very hard to get Paper Mate pens here. A local stationary chain used to carry the basic stick ballpoint pens. But I have never seen it anymore. I also have not seen Paper Mate pens in retractable form or even other colours! It cost like USD4 to get a pack of 8 with the add on options. I decided to buy one pack to try as I don’t want my niece touching my other pens 😛 It was like what I suspected due to the cost, Made in China. But I feel it writes better than other Paper Mate pens (Stick Ballpoint)! I am also interested to try other Paper Mate pens. Since they cannot be found in my local store, This is an great excuse to add a pack to my cart if I am ever shopping at Amazon.

Also I found SHARPIE HIGHLIGHTER in my local store! 😀 I was indecisive at first if I should get highlighters. But it is Sharpie. And it is cheap and it does not really smudge! Talking about Sharpie, I didn’t know they have pen. I bought a pack… but I think I am leaving it for next time.


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