Online Purchase #3


#1 Quarterly Co Box

This is suppose to go to my sub box blog but since I have closed it, I am putting it here. In future, I am anticipating that I won’t be posting any. I have stopped all my subscription box!

So, overall, I am NOT satisfied with quarterly. Firstly, this box keep getting delay and delay. There wasn’t any updates from Quarterly regarding the delays. I know its common with Quarterly but I appreciated some updates? Then, I was finally billed until 20 Nov. I thought it was shipped on the same day. There wasn’t any notification emails. After some times, I panicked and ask for shipping information. They say it would takes 3-5 weeks. Fine this is probably stated somewhere in their website. After some times, I still have not receive this. So I asked them again. I was told they do not have any tracking code. which is kinda shocking to me. Fine, again, this should be stated in their website or something. But for the price I am paying for shipping, I expected some tracking or some sort! I don’t know about the shipping cost in US obviously. But getting your parcel registered shouldn’t cost much? Oh well, they would probably offer refund if its really lost. Then another shocking thing was the parcel was shipped on 28 Nov which is a week later. There wasn’t any email to inform this. Which is much appreciated.

Lastly, I am going to comment on the box itself. I was really excited for this when I saw the previous box. After all the delays, the excitement dies down. While the box is in transiting somewhere, I went online and look at spoiler. Argh, I was just so tired of waiting! I was like huh. Just that? It wasn’t what I expected! I am wasn’t sure if I want to keep the subscription but I will decide again in Jan 2015 or something! What am I saying? I should STOP my subscription ARGH. Anyway, after I received the package, I felt that I received the better variation. HAHA, Lucky me!

Okay, I skip all the brand name etc.
Treatment oil… Hmm, I was expecting full size not sample. Oh well.
Nail-Polish… I got oxblood which is my favourite colour.
Sweater Comb… I have never seen such product before. It is interesting!
The beanie…. oh well, I don’t use Beanie here due to all-summer weather. I probably keep it for some holidays or something! Hoping it would look photographic?
The earring… hmm, I haven’t wear an earring for a long time and I don’t know if my earring hole are still there. It has cause so much itchiness that I stop. But I am keeping this pair and would probably wear it to a formal night. I like that the colour (Grey) is quite matchable!
[EDIT]  – Price variation
I am so pissed while typing this. I just discovered that many reviewers (online) received a earring in the price range of USD50-USD60. Mine was only USD34. I didn’t expect them to give the same style to everyone. But getting something cheaper than other subscribers? This is so unfair. I wrote a (nice) complaint to them and unsubscribed at this instant!
[EDIT – again] – RESOLVED!
This should been updated like 1-2 weeks ago.
I emailed them with the problem. They took a while to revert back. I thought they are not going to reply me. But then I realise its the holiday! They refunded me USD20 due to the variation and they told me that they didn’t realise the problem. Okay, satisfied with the answer & CS but I am still going to keep unsubscription to align with my life goal.
The Mug… I got the orange mug. It is not my favourite colour but I would use this to replace my current coffee mug which is stained with un-washable stain. Since its being use at home, so colour doesn’t matter I guess 😛 My mum commented that it is “thin” and look like it will break. I guess it is the design that makes it so pricey?
Finally the bag… I was going to say I hate the bag… as it is an design I would not choose! But I got…. an very unique colour. It is navy with cranberry. Well, cranberry happens to be my favourite. I guess I will be keeping it since returning internationally would be a challenge!

#2 Cotton On
So last week I was missing an wooden letter decoration I am doing for my room. So I decided to purchase it from Cotton On’s online shop as we do not have Typo in my nearest mall. I really do not have the time to travel. I had to buy at least $50 to get free shipping. So I selected some gifts too.

Shipping wasn’t that fast considering that the warehouse is in Singapore itself! (Singapore is small!) I guess I am too used to US retailers as they usually shipped with a day or two.

Anyway along with some other things that I didn’t take picture of, I ordered:

I am obsessed with anything alphabet! 🙂 I might be giving this to a friend since I have SO much keychains. 😦

I decided to revamp my desk a little bit so I ordered these stationary set to brighten up my desk. I am just so indecisive on which set to keep as I love the Eiffel Tower design but I love the Mint green colour 😦 One lucky friend will get the other set.

I wanted to see how good their notebook are as they comes in really beautiful design. The pens are on sales. So it cost like $3. Obviously it won’t write that well. But the polka dot design is just so irresistible!

I stupidly wore all my new shoes. Which means I do not have any new shoes for my Lunar New Year. I always wear new shoes as part of the tradition. So I decided to order this. It cost only $10 and it look like it will NOT last very long. Talking about Shoes, I am still looking for a good and quality shoes. I have really sensitive leg. Once it started to itch, I have to switch shoes so I cannot stick to just one shoes (yet). I will keep looking….


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