Music CDs

When I was still schooling, I enjoy purchasing music CDs…

It was very irony that although I do not have much cash (Unlike my classmates, I never take up a part time until I graduated!) back then, But I still love purchasing them! I am much “richer” now with a ok-paying job. But over the years, I kinda stop purchasing (physical CD) that much.

Back then, I was really into “Mandarin Pop” which is my mother tongue. And that’s was also the period where Mandarin Pop started to get really popular! So every now and then, there is someone new to like and some new albums to purchase. So I slowly built up a collection. I never count them.. But I am sure I have more CDs than anyone else I know. I am also very serious about obtaining music legally so back then, getting the actual CD was the only way! But slowly over the years, my taste for music has shifted from Mandarin Pop to Cantopop. Ironically, I am not a native cantonese speaker. But somehow I started this whole new love for Cantopop! I am listening to old classic songs like Leslie Cheung! Then technology somehow leads the way to purchasing less music. My current favourite music are all purchased from iTunes. I find myself do not needing the CD packaging which takes up so much space! If you have purchased any Mandarin Pop CD, you would probably know they all have so ridiculous big packaging! The music company tries to include freebie such as photo-card etc for supporting the artiste. The actual fact is…unless its someone that you really admire, you wouldn’t need it. Furthermore, I did run out of space. I have some space now due to decluttering. But I will continue to purchase my music from iTune. Save space, save space! It is also much cheaper to get the music at iTunes!

I thought I never do this… But I did it anyway! Last week, I took out all my CDs and stack them into two stacks. I kept some and threw out the packaging for the rest. I am in the middle of ripping them into my MacBook to keep them as digital MP3. Once they are done, I think I might throw the CDs away too. My reason for doing this is that these are music that I have enjoyed in the past. I no longer like them that much so chances of me picking up the packaging and look through it again is very slim. So I choose to throw the packaging away and leave the most important part!


One thought on “Music CDs

  1. I did the same years ago… ripped all my music to the computer and got rid of most of the CD’s. Since I have received some music as gifts since then.. I’m doing another round this year with ripping to PC and only keeping the physical CD’s that I play in my car 🙂


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