[Random Rants] I said No

* I started a new category to post random rants which probably don’t make sense to anyone but myself.

I detest people who PUSH.

You asked, I said No.
And you/someone else asked (again), I said No (again).
Then you/someone else have to start pushing by insulting me – saying she is younger than me and she know.
What kind of logic is that? What does age got to do with anything at all?
Everyone have their own knowledge, skill or talent. AGE does not matter and is very much irrelevant!
So what if she know something? I have to know too?
I should more clever because someone younger than me know something and I don’t?
I should be ashamed of myself cos the younger one know something and I don’t?
This is exactly what you people are implying, aren’t you?

I am probably over-reacting. But I am SO insulted. And yes I am hiding in my room typing this because I am very much pissed off!


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