Mailing List

So last week or so, I decided that I am also getting way too many emails. I want to go minimalism in the cyber space too!

Also I wanted to turn on the email notification to be received on my iPhone and subsequently on my Pebble, So i am doing everything I can to reduce the number of emails I am getting.
I never read them anyway! I also noticed brands/online retailer  that used to be my favorite (Nowadays I am learning not to grow attached to a certain brand/online retailer  and go for independence label etc!) loves giving out discount code every now and then. So it is kinda attracting me to spend in a way. But I guess the shipping is a factor that prevented me from making a lot of purchases. But still, It is kinda irritating to be receiving such massive amount of  emails every now and then! I can really feel the changes in me! I even stop subscribing to a sample store mailing list as I am not really interested in getting sample. Yes they are free but it cause problem 🙂

Of course, some mailing list provider allow you to change the frequency of your emails. So far I only found one that really allow that.

I have kept the following mailing list:
– Crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo: I am reducing spending but at the same time, I need to turn on these to be aware of the updates to the project that I have backed.
– Popbasic: I love Popbasic. They really never spam your inbox! 🙂 They are my current favourite online shop!
– Memebox: I think I am still a VIP this month. I have managed to curb my spending with them.  But I am keeping them as they allow flexibility as compare to other box subscription. You do not have to subscribe to them to get a box.
– Amazon: Despite getting way too many emails, I am still keeping them as they are still one of my favourite online retailer. But I am definitely looking for option to reduce these emails.
– Goodreads: Not much reading has been done this year, unfortunately! But I am still using goodreads to track my reading progress and stuffs! It is such a great tool for avid reader like me!

Bad experiences:
– SampleStore: Mailers from SS keep flowing in even though I “unsubsribed” as instructed. There was no subscription management available that allows member to subscribe/unsubscribe.
(A slight note on SS: It used to be so good. But now my inbox are flooded with promotions for weight management company.)


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