It is the season…. not to “gift”.

So today is the day  that I usually receive gifts. I am not someone who celebrate this merry festive but somehow it become some sort of a culture to “give” and “take” gifts especially in my workplace.

I was busy packing, decluttering that I forgot to drop a note to my close friends on the change of my life goal. I was a bit late but I intend to type something out in the next few days and send to those who have given (okay, maybe not to my boss! :D) in order for them to be aware of it next year. No gift, No gift, No gift!

I really appreciate the gifts. I mean when someone gave you a gift… it means he/she really go and buy it. Money are being spend after all! I am not sure if someone gave me something that she/he want to get rid of (Re-gift)… ahem, but I assumed all are generously bought. But…. I don’t know maybe I am a-bit too fussy? But I don’t, never and will not like the gifts anyone gave.

I don’t like any of the gifts anyone gave (for this year). It is either in the wrong brand, wrong flavour or wrong colour. For e.g. a close colleague bought me a lip balm. Nice but I have like 10 at home? Nice but its a brand I detest as they do animal testing! Nice but it is a flavour which I hate! Then I was given an hand cream by another colleague. Oh, its one of the brand I like (But never buy as they are insanely too expensive!) Nice but again I have like 10 at home? Nice but again, it is not a flavour I would pick. Oh well. I should not be so fussy and use whatever I have given? But I have so many at home and they are in the right colour, right flavour and right brand. So what stop me from using what I like. So here you goes… It will be wasted! I imagine the situation would change in 5 years or so when I completely extend my minimalism to my make-up/facial care products. But it is not happening soon 🙂

I never like any of the gifts anyone gave. Believe me, It has been proven again and again year after year. Birthday, Anniversaries, Holidays etc.  It is always in the wrong brand, wrong flavour, wrong colour, wrong design, wrong something. I think I am just too fussy to appreciate gifts. But I would prefer buying something that I love rather than waiting to receive something I hate.

I will never like any of the gifts anyone gave. So I basically gave up that anyone would understand what I want!

So this brings me to the important point! When I was decluttering my room, I had to throw away so many “gifts”. What is the point of the gift then? Since I can never appreciate them. I am no longer in my teenager. I am now earning money of my own with no dependents. I don’t earn much but I don’t spend THAT much. I am always amazed by people who spend a lot on I-DON’T-KNOW-WHAT. I know there are people who can spend all of their wages by the end of the month. But thankfully, I am not one of those. I know I am not very good in money saving (I am looking to change this in 2015! New life goal with New Strategy!). But I still save a fair bit for “rainy days”. I never keep a wish list because I can basically afford what I wanted. I don’t understand people who keep complaining about their pay not coming and they need to get a new phone etc? It is like they don’t have a saving or something that they have to rely on their pay? Hmm. I never question anyway. Also, I don’t love branded goods especially branded bags that are made of real leather. My most expensive purchase was my MacBook which cost $2,500 and I was able to pay! When I wanted to buy something e.g. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, I. will. buy. it. I don’t wait till my pay comes. So nobody can gift me anything because I don’t have a wishlist! I am also very fussy when it comes to things that I used. I only like a certain colour for anything – Clothes, Bags, Shoes, pens, notebook etc. But hello, majority of my friends don’t realise that? Sad that I have friends who don’t know me 😛 I am really fussy when it comes to fashion. I have received so much ugly fashion accessories that I am convinced none of my friend have the same unique taste as I am. Lastly, I have too many stuffs! It is a problem that I have acknowledged and is looking to improve. But still, nobody should be able to give me something I don’t really have. And with my life goal of not having too many things, I really don’t want anything extra!




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