Get some Flat Attack!

So as a fan of kickstarter, I surf the website almost everyday even though I look at the same old projects. I came across this project from surfing:

Usually I back something that has already/is meeting its goal. But this is the only one that I have backed which is in a risk of not reaching its goal šŸ˜¦ As a backer, I decided to share this project with everyone on my not-so-popular blog as I really want to get my reward.

When I wrote about Z-Charge (which has been fully funded yay!), I mentioned that I am really obsessed about getting my phone charged. I don’t really run flat most of the times. (as my phone would be fully charged due to obsession :D). But I think many people have a problem with this. And I think flat attack would really solve all our problems.

Firstly, many of the portable charger are bulky. There are other projects that offer compactĀ charger in form of card size (I backed this oneĀ on indiegogo too!), keyring, mirror etc.
But secondly, they still required a charge before you can charge your phone with the portable charger. I hope that I am making sense right here!
So thirdly,Ā Flat Attack work with just AA battery! Which means you do not worry that you didn’t charge your portable charger. yay! How convenience is that! And it also means that you do not have the recharge when your portable charger run flat. Imagine that you will be out for a few days without any access to a plug or USB (on a hike). You can only charge a few times with your portable charger until it run flat! With Flat Attack, you can just bring as many AA batteries you can and it will charge your phone so many times! So awesome!

When I was traveling to Down Under back in August, we went for a camping tour and was out of the city for a few days. My cellphone was full of juice since we cannot get any decent reception in the mountain area. But I think I would feel much safer if I had a Flat Attack with me. Knowing that I would just need to bring a few AA batteries and I will feel safe.

So what are you waiting for? šŸ™‚


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