Online Purchases #2

I bought this before my decision to buy less stuffs. It was on 11.11 sale – one of the biggest sale event at Taobao’s t-mall. I think I got them at 10%-15% cheaper. I got them at the verified disney store so I believe these are authentic!

I am going to keep the bag for the CNY (Chinese New Year) as I always try to wear/use something in red. I like that the mickey mouse signature print are printed all over the bag in a beautiful colour combination. Some bags do not have disney print so what is the point of buying them 😛 The trim of the bag is coated PVC so I am not expecting the bag to last very long. The only problem I have is the long strap. I didn’t realise it is not adjustable which is a terrible design! So I can only wear it on my arm or wear it with a long strap.

I am also keeping the below watch for CNY as I have a couple of new watches to play with for now 😀 But the strap need to be adjusted to fit my wrist. They have various colour to choose. I picked mint green as I always pick pink which is boring! This is probably a good watch for me to rotate with my other Casio Metal watch. I have a few watches to match what I am wearing.

I probably should avoid buying make up product from China brand as I read about animal testing online. I am not 100% certain that this particular brand is doing animal testing but I would find out. I was looking for cheap makeup products as I am still learning some tactic. So I made a quick decision to get it from Taobao as it is really cheap. Once I learn the tactic, I would probably not buy from there again and go for brand like ELF. But of course, I would make sure that the company is not doing any animal testing!

I wrote about getting a Pebble Steel watch and I received in 3-4 working days. I think it was shipped from their warehouse which is actually located right here in Singapore. Lucky me! So far, the watch is very useful. The range is really good. I no longer have to carry my mobile phone with me when I walk around the office. And I walk around the office very often 🙂 However, it is real pity that it do not support chinese character (yet). I hope it will for the future! My parents communicated with us in chinese so it is just square when I received their WhatsApp. I also have friends in China which I chatted with very often. Of course they are in squares 😦 I haven’t explore the app that  much yet but the watch face is so fun!

I posted about buying Pebble Original during its Black Friday sales. As per previous purchase, this came fairly quickly as it was shipped from their warehouse which is in SG! I haven’t open up to “play” with it since I am using the Pebble Steel. 🙂 I also got some skin from GadgetWrap. I got some from SlickWrap too but they didn’t arrive yet. My experience with both? GW reaches me much faster! I would write about the quality etc when I have the time.

Lastly, I bought these from iHerbs which ship to me for FREE! 😀 I was having some skin problem so I bought these products hoping that it would resolve!


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