My errand bag

Introducing my current errand bag – a bag that I used for running short errand(s) especially on weekend šŸ™‚

This bag was purchased on Chinese online retailer, Taobao for about $10-$20. I couldn’t remember the exact cost but it was definitely not expensive. I seldom buy things that are expensive from Taobao. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the brand name either. But it was some foreign brand. I was attracted by the colour (which the photo don’t show unfortunately due to lighting). It is a nice shade of deep pink and orange trimming! I like the colour combination which make it look so unique!

This is a small bag. I don’t like itĀ much in the past as I like to bring my iPad Mini out. It do not fit my iPad Mini. I do not have a phone data plan (okay I do. But its only at 100mb which is equal to nothing. I barely use it.). I uses all my data on my iPad Mini. But recently, I decided to spend less time getting connected especially if I am out running short errands. After all, if there is an emergency, my close ones are able to find me using the traditional way of calling and texting! Anyway so I decided to pay more attention to this bag! It has a really long strap so I can just sling it across my shoulder. Being so small, it barely have any weight at all so it feels so light! It will fits in the essential stuffs I need – my iPhone (THIS IS WHY I LOVE SMALL PHONE!), some quick cash, a card for transportation and my ATM card. I usually keep my iPod Nano in my short’s pocket. But It would also fit my iPod Nano if I need to. Another thing I like about this bag is that it has a magnetic closing which is really fast and efficient when taking out things.

I don’t know how long this bag is gonna to last. But this is definitely a “keeper” (as I am trying to lose someĀ bags as part of my life goal).



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