Updates on my life

Here’s a quick update on my life – if anyone is interested! 🙂


So after my previous post, I  went to continue to work straight away! I am so going to treat this as one goal in my life! I always wanted a clean and tidy room but I guess I always unable to appreciate the meaning behind this. Therefore, I haven’t been able to be inspired to adopt to this lifestyle! But after reading, I feel so inspired and wanted to make changes. REAL changes.
I obviously cannot lose all my possessions right now. There is a lot to be done.

I finally convinced my dad to get me a new wardrobe. Arriving next tuesday! My wardrobe has been around since I was young so its very old and well, ugly. I haven’t actually seen the wardrobe (in real life) but it is probably much better than the old one. And I think it is more for the functionality! With the new wardrobe, I am aiming to fit all my clothes in. Currently, my jacket/cardigan and some bottoms (jeans, shorts etc) are in boxes as I couldn’t fit in. (One of the drawer is spoil) I aim to toss the rest of the clothing if they can’t fit in. I have already gone through a second round last week but I think I might need a third or fourth round. I have been busy packing stuffs as the delivery will takes place next tuesday. At the same time,  I am working on tossing one item per day. It is actually working very well for me as I definitely toss more than an item per day! I think this is a great goal to start with if you do not know how to start.

Beside an wardrobe, I am also getting a new cupboard. Once again,  I am going to try to fit everything in as much as possible. If they can’t fit in, I am thinking of letting them go 🙂 I am excited about my weekend plans which involves major reorganising of my room. Even more exciting when I get a new wardrobe 🙂

This afternoon I got a-bit bored with packing, I started surfing kickstarter (!!!). But I could feel a real change. I managed to fund only a single project! I keep thinking this is not possible before but it is!

Here’s what I pledged:
The Best Silk Blouse, Ever. I so need the third colour. I am such a big fan of black shirts. I have like 5 in my wardrobe. This does not align with what I am suppose to be doing! But hey, this is work-friendly. 🙂

Here’s what I did not pledged (I am lazy to c&p the link. So go to KS and search if you are interested) and my reason:
Fugu expandable suitcase: This is a very cool suitcase. It cost USD219 (with free shipping I understand?) But I am not really having a major problem with my current cheap suitcase so I am passing on this one.
Mechanic pencil: It cost USD75 with shipping. This is a very pricey pencil! I do know that this is a premium quality and probably only one pencil you would ever. But I still have a Muji Mechanic Pencil to use and I don’t quite like pencil as compare to pen.
Sarvi Dock: I am currently using an Made In China silicon dock station. It does not have charging function but I find myself not using much. So I figures an more expensive dock station is probably something I do not need.
A notebook with whiteboard functionality: I cannot remember the name but I was tempted by this. But the shipping cost more than the notebook itself so it does not make sense. I also have a whole stack of notebook to use! 🙂
Goat Mug: An odd shape mug which look cool. But they use leather. For many reasons, I try to avoid products with leather and I have a lot of mugs at home!
Rainjacket: We do get some rain here. Especially it is getting heavier and heavier and some days, your umbrella kinda don’t work. I love the design. I never thought of getting a raincoat as it is ugly! It cost almost SGD300 – something which I wouldn’t usually spend on. Well, I shall see if my wardrobe have extra space for this expensive raincoat 🙂


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