Kickstarter project – Z-Charge

Okay I backed a few projects and Z-Charge was the only one that send me a personalise message haha.

So i am going to do a post on them? 😛 Of course not! This is because of the great product I would be getting as they are funded! yay!

I don’t know about you – But I absolutely cannot leave my house if my cellphone and tablet are not fully charged. I know there is portable charger (I got one that cost like $60 or something!) and stuffs but I don’t like to rely on them as much! And if I have portable charger with me, I still want my devices to be fully charged as well. How obsessed I am with this? I leave my office everyday with 100% fully charged on my iPhone and iPad Mini.

Furthermore I have so much devices. I have an iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, iPod Nano, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7! I do have a lot of plugs at home haha but it is impossible to charge them at the same time. So when there is an emergency that I requires me to leave my house…. this would be good as I can charge all my devices at the same time.

Also, my plug are kinda far from my bed which is bad if my devices are running out of battery and I just want to lie in bed.

Lastly, recently, I started my day… by lying in bed and read news. Having the device at the side of the bed would be good as I do not have to get up and walk to my table. My room configuration is really bad so I do not have the space to place an coffee table. The would really help 🙂


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