Strictly no meet-up!

Okay so I have been trying to sell a few things using an app called Carousell. It’s an app that allows you to post listing by uploading photos from your cellphone directly hence its really convenience!

But I have no sales yet. Because everyone want to meet-up! Or self-collection… which is actually an meet-up as you got to arrange a timing etc. The only differences is that person is going to come by at a place which is convenience to you 😦

Yes,  Singapore is super small so its much convenience to meet-up. In fact, it takes less than 2 hours to get from the East to the West! It is also somehow faster as it will takes 2-3 days to get it posted. But this is just not the way I deal! Honestly? I prefer not to sell anything if you only want to meet-up. Yes I am not “desperate” to sell. So why should I accommodate to your request? Something in which I am not comfortable with. Period.

I hate meet-up with stranger!

Firstly, you got to arrange a timing and venue. This might not be a difficult job. But honestly it just takes so much work and effort to get it done. It is not really something I need to do. So why should I? And contacting stranger via cellphone and all. I may be a little bit paranoid… but the idea of revealing your personal contact number to a stranger is… kinda….  Well, maybe a lot of people don’t mind doing that. But I just don’t like it and you can’t blame someone for being too careful. And I am a very private person. I don’t like revealing too much about myself if I don’t need to!

Finally a time and venue is set after much effort and negotiating.  9 meet-ups out of 10 involves someone being a bit, kinda, a lot, very or super late. Well, 1 min is 1 min. Time is precious. I hate wasting time although I have wasted a lot during my own private time. But I hate people wasting my time. And I haven’t even mention about people who do not turn up due to “forget”, “have last min meeting” etc. If you a friend, I can forgive you and we will be friend again. But if you are a total stranger, why should my precious time being wasted on this? I know it is just something that might happen. But I just don’t want risk it! And the worse nightmare? Another meet-up has to be arranged!

Lastly we are not doing speed dating or blind date. Meeting stranger is just no no no. I will only meet with someone that I am comfortable with.

I think ultimately I just don’t like it when my time is being wasted and there is interruption to my schedule. I don’t mind sacrificing personal time for something that really benefits me like a job, a personal development course etc. But I am not doing this as a job. I am not a salesman. I am just clearing things that I am not really using. If i don’t sell it, so what… I will just give it to a friend. It is afterall a personal choice. Whether I want it or not. it is entirely up to me. I may be a bit foolish for keeping to this principle when more and more people are adopting to the new way of “dealing”. But if it’s not something I am comfortable with. I will not change my principle! So if you meet someone like me on carousell, please just opt for postage. thank you.


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