Online Purchases #1

So occasionally, I think I will write a post on my online purchases =)

1. Marvel Kawaii Collection Bedsheets and Cushion:
So I saw these on qoo10 so I thought they are so cute! I am actually not quite a big fan of Marvel. But I wanted to get as a gift! Well I couldn’t resist getting a couple of things for myself. Even though I have two cushions at my room, I decided to get it anyway. I got two sets of bed sheet also. I will probably put up only next year. New year = new bed sheet =) I got a free eco bag for purchases over $50 or $60 (couldn’t remember!). It is a cute bag with all the kawaii prints of the character. There is a zip also which is cool as most eco bag do not have zip!

2. Office bag in wine red:
I was eyeing for this for a while. I didn’t get it because it look more like a bag for guy? even though the description stated “unisex”. But anyway I decided to bought it when I saw it on time-sales which means I got $5 off! It was really worth it! So I bought it…in my favourite Wine Red colour. Wine Red is risky colour to choose when purchasing things online… when the colour get a-bit off, it turns out to be either Red or Maroon. Well, I don’t really mind Maroon. But I don’t want Red when I purchased Wine Red. anyway, it turns out to be a perfectly fine colour =)

Its very roomy and can fit all the stuffs I wanted to take with me to work. It is slightly bigger than A4 so I think it would fit laptop too! The handle is too short to be carried on the shoulder but it has an extra strap. The extra strap is perfect for carrying over with the shoulder. I like the material as it is canvas which means it probably can last a good while. I haven’t start using this yet but I am sure it would be a great everyday work bag for me.

3. Dry Eraser board
My mind is always occupied with “To-do” and I like scheduling things and writing thoughts in my mind. I thought of getting a whiteboard but its just too costly. So I got this rollup dry eraser/whiteboard from aliexpress. It is actually much cheaper than the retail shop. Now I just need a board for backing before I could put this up.

4. American Apparel
I got this special discount code from AA a couple of weeks ago for being their online customer for 7 years. It was 30% which is a very good deal as they normally give only 20%. I couldn’t ignore it . So I bought two items with the discount code:

I got a jean baby doll dress and a high waist cotton skirt in rose flower. The jean baby doll dress is pretty but unfortunately the cutting at the side is abit too loose for me. I thought of putting on a belt but it would look so awkward so I am getting a white cardigan to cover the side. I might keep this for lunar new year. The high waist cotton skirt is what I have eyeing since forever! I have been looking at it since they release the print. It was too costly  before but with the discount code, I am getting 10bucks off! Initially I thought the skirt would be very sheer but it is perfect without any inner layer 🙂

5. Google Nexus 7 Screen Protector
Recently my Android phone sort of became unresponsive, so I decided to get a Nexus 7. I could have waited for the latest Nexus but then I already have a iPad Mini so I don’t need a really fabulous tablet. I just need a tablet/cellphone with an Android system. It came with a case but not a screen-protector. Since I don’t take my Nexus out with me. I purchased it on aliexpress (with slow shipping). I was happy to finally receive it. But very pissed off that the seller send me a dented package!

Aliexpress have this dispute function which I usually don’t care for as they are too much of a hassle. But I have filed an dispute for this particular order! I cannot accept a dent screen-protector since it won’t be able to function! Hopefully the seller is willing to do something about it. Otherwise I have to purchase from another seller and wait again.




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