Weird Colleague

Well, I have this weird colleague that irritates everyone. I mean it.

I was a friend to her but I feel myself being less a friend each day.

1) She act like a kid. She find excuse(s) for everything she did wrongly and never admit that she is in the wrong. Even she do. she is not sincere or genuine about her wrongdoing as she never reflect. After a while, she will make the same mistake. Sometimes she will claim that “it has been a while”.
2) When someone anger her, she becomes “enemy” with that person. She goes around giving nickname to that person and talk only negative things about that person. When that person leave, she scream for joy. When that person is tied down with work, she say he/she deserve it.
3) She talks a lot but have no real social skill. e.g. Person A is busy packing. She started blabbering about non-important stuffs like her lunch. People have to remind her that he/she is busy.
4) She don’t read your chat status and assume that you are always available to chat gossip.
5) She don’t really care about company policy, work ethnic etc. When she is warned for being late, she don’t care and still insisted on coming to work at her own timing. She likes to gossip and talk about our colleagues and will gossip with anyone, even her boss.
6) She keep talking about her past and keep repeating her life story to anyone who would listen.
7) She has no common sense and share her personal details with people.
8) She has no common sense and share other people’s personal details with others.
9) When she couldn’t get the system to work, she claim the system is “lousy”.  When people guide her step-by-step, she expected that person to help her every time and never make a point to learn.
10) She keep saying our organisation suck to the core  but refuse to leave.
11) She refuse to adopt to the current company’s culture and claim the company is “lousy” as the people here are not acting the way she wanted.
12) When she wanted help, she wanted it immediately. She expected people to reply to her email immediately. And she goes around asking 3-4 people for help on the same issue.
13) When she is expecting a courier, she goes to the reception and enquire for a few times in a hour. She didn’t know the meaning of “wait”.
14) She never listen to people. People gave her advice but she pretend to accept by saying “thanks” but she don’t reflect.
15) She likes to link up unrelated events and make up a story out of it. She likes to assume things and always things what she assumed is correct. When she is being confronted, She claim “its no big deal”.

Seriously, why did we hire her? If you are wondering she is not really that good at her job either.



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