I am not bored

I never understand people who always complain that they are bored. Because I have tons of things to do and is never bored at all.
Unless they are like very rich and do not have to work, there must be something to do! (Actually even rich people have a habit or favourite pastime!)
So just find something to do! Stop wasting your time by telling people you are bored!

Firstly, We stay in the modern world and there is so many ways of getting ourselves occupied that nobody should even be complaining. We no longer live in the past where internet access is limited. Most homes (in my country anyway) have wireless network which means you can connect to the internet anytime! Being connected to the internet means you can surf net, shop, read a book, play games, watch movies or “socialising”. Please do not say that these are very boring activities.

Secondly, I am a believer in “never stop learning”. I do a lot of activities to keep learning. I read books. I write. I even believe you gain some knowledge from watching television or a movie. Of course the best place to get new knowledge is by reading. There are so many books in the world! Why would get bored if I never stop reading? If you don’t like reading books, think of something that you would likes to know – google it and read. If you are working, think of a skill that you like to work on and google! You can also pick up an online course!

Thirdly, of course there are other hobbies that you can pick up. Some people likes playing ball games and some likes cooking. Indoor or outdoor – I am sure there is something for everyone.

Lastly, organisation! I always find organisation very time-consuming! But it also an essential task which I do every now and then. I likes to keep my things tidy therefore, I feel very pleased when my things are in order.




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