Just google

It really really really irritates me when someone ask me a question which can be found by google.

I never understand the mind of these people. I don’t know – I would google before asking. Not ask then google. I mean if I can get the answer by google, why do I even need to ask anyone right. It doesn’t make sense!

A couple weeks ago, I have a friend who typed a rather long email to me to ask about the price plan. She simply can found out the answer by googling it. By googling, she not only will get the answer but she will also get the most accurate information!

This is because when you asked someone a question, that person might not have the full knowledge of the subject and might even give the wrong answer. e.g. Is Movie A showing at Cinema B?  Answer: Yes. Actual Situation (If you bother to google the cinema’s website): It is no longer showing. So you wasted your time and effort to ask people via text/whatsapp/email.

Sometimes if I am feeling really annoyed, I would just reply I don’t know and leave that person to find out the answer by googling!


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